The IRS has issued a warning to Michiganders about an increasing number of economic impact payment scams.

If you don’t remember what the economic impact payments are, they’re the payments going directly to people as part of the American Rescue Plan. These monthly payments were intended to help everyone still dealing with the financial impact of the pandemic. The money has come in many forms, but most of us are familiar with the stimulus checks that have come out periodically throughout the year. You can get most questions answered about your payments here.

It’s safe to assume that any time there is a decent amount of money changing hands, there will be someone there to try and scam you out of it.

That’s exactly why the IRS is reporting that they have had more reported scams in the last two months than they’ve had in 10 years. The scams are not anything new or innovative, they are just opportunistic. Knowing that people have money…

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