Three men have been jailed after they were caught by Tesco pulling barcodes off cheap items and placing them on high-priced goods before walking away from the store and then returning for a refund at a different branch.

The trio pulled off the scam at 25 different Tesco stores across Wales and parts of southern England over a period of seven months. Their spree – which pocketed them more than £3,300 – only came to a halt when Tesco got wise to the scheme by studying CCTV footage.

The scam worked by peeling off barcode stickers from cheap items in stores and then sticking that same barcode onto goods with much higher values. At one store they took the items out of the shop after paying a fraction of the true price then travelled to a different Tesco branch to get a refund for the full amount, reports DevonLive.

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Police were…

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