It appears that tricksters kept themselves busy Wednesday night in Mattapoisett when they decided to cover a parked truck in construction cones near the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Depot Street. It may have been a harmless prank, but the truck’s owner isn’t laughing after the damage that was left behind.

When Ellen Scholter of Mattapoisett left for her night shift on Wednesday evening, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But when her son, Justin Gracia, went to head out Thursday morning for first shift, he saw his truck decorated in orange cones. He called his mother as she was on her way home from work, and when she got there, they assessed the damage.

“The big, tall ones are not light,” Scholter said, and her son’s car is certainly not small. “My son had to pick me up and hold me to get the one on the roof off.” In the photo, the cones seem to have a weight on the bottom. The cones had been pushed on to the…

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