The housing market in Marion right now is booming; if you’re a seller that is.

If someone is looking to sell a home in the Marion area, it seems right now is the perfect time to do so. However, as more houses continue to be quickly purchased, being a home buyer can be exceptionally difficult.

Bob Baer, a licensed realtor with KCI Realty LLC who manages their residential projects, can attest to this. Throughout the last few months, he’s seen homes hit the market that sold for $20,000 more than the asking prices and that trend hasn’t slowed.

Combine this with Marion only having 88 total houses under contract or listed on the market and it becomes even more clear why houses are selling so fast. For context, Baer said Columbus has more than 5,000 listings on the market right now. The demand is high in Marion and options are limited.

“That’s how the real estate market is running right now; things are literally flying off the shelf,”…

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