We look at the continued political fall out for the Biden Administration from Afghanistan, progress on the Infrastrucure Bill, as well today’s Voting Rights marches, planned in several cities.


And, of course, events in Afghanistan test the Biden administration. We’re joined now by NPR senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving. Ron, thanks so much for being with us.

RON ELVING, BYLINE: Good to be with you, Scott.

SIMON: The story of the loss of human lives and fear of the Taliban is most important, but we talk to you about politics. And the sad and tragic news coming out of Afghanistan has political fallout, too, doesn’t it?

ELVING: It does. It’s been a body blow for Biden this month, the news from Kabul combined with resurgence in COVID. But it can be harder to predict the effects over a longer period. Sometimes there’s been a rally-around-the-flag effect for a…

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