New Hampshire has the hottest markets heading into the homebuying season


  • Manchester-Nashua, NH reclaimed the top spot after last holding it in October 2020. Concord, NH holds the second-highest spot on the list.
  • Spillover and secondary markets continue to dominate the list as buyers prioritize space while remaining close to major hubs.
  • The Jacksonville, FL metro area saw the largest increase in its Hotness ranking among larger metros compared to last year.
  • Larger metros dropped in the rankings as smaller markets drew in more prospective homebuyers.

New Hampshire showed up in a big way in March, with the Manchester-Nashua and Concord metro areas claiming both first and second hottest markets in the country.’s Market Hotness rankings take into account two aspects of the housing market: 1) market demand, as measured by unique viewers per property on, and 2) the pace of the market as measured…

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