Tulsa Police are investigating a homicide after they say officers found a man beaten and critically injured at a dollar store.

TPD says officers found 49-year-old Antwan Anderson on the floor of the Dollar Tree at 46th and North Peoria on Sunday afternoon. Police say he had multiple contusions and was transported to Hillcrest with a brain bleed. According to police, Anderson and died on Tuesday from his injuries.

Investigators say Anderson and the suspect shook hands in the store but later they got into an argument and the suspect punched Anderson several times. They say in the surveillance video you can see the victim and suspect talking on camera, then the two walk off camera. Investigators say they came back and get in each others’ faces and that is when the punching started.

“The victim was injured and taken to the hospital and at first it looked like he was going to be fine and pull through but unfortunately it took a turn for the…

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