It is not often a snake-oil product comes up in the realm of technology, but it seems the “Freedom Phone” fits that bill. Featuring no reported specs, construction in China, and a 4x markup from Alibaba, all while touting itself as a “free speech and privacy first focused phone,” the Freedom Phone seems to be more of a scam than a device to save democracy.

On July 14th, the “world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire,” as if that already did not have side effects, Erik Finman, announced the “Freedom Phone.” He claimed that this is “the first major pushback on the Big Tech companies that attacked us – for just thinking different.” Unfortunately, on the website for the device, we only know that it costs $499, has a 6” screen, has a dual sim and MicroSD slot, and comes with preinstalled apps for Newsmax, OANN, and Parler.

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