BHOPAL: State Congress general secretary (media) KK Mishra on Monday appealed to RSS chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat to end his silence on the financial crime committed allegedly by the Ram Janmabhoomi Tirth Trust. Mishra said that in the Nineties, his deceased mother had donated money from her husband’s retirement funds.
In a series of tweets, Mishra said that RSS must speak-up on the financial bungling which has hurt the sentiments of Hindus in the country. And the organization does not speak, then RSS chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat should ensure that the contributions made by KK Mishra and family are returned.
“The land related scam has been revealed with relevant documents in the Ram Janmabhoomi temple construction, has badly hit the religious sentiments of Hindus,” KK Mishra said on Monday. “Since the allegation is supported with documents, trustee Champat Rai cannot go scot free no matter how much explanation is given to the…

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