TULSA, Okla. — Most scammers use confusion to prey on targets, and there’s plenty of uncertainty when it comes to census surveys, which the federal government requires people to fill out.

Many people are used to answering the federal census once every ten years, but the government also requires people to answer more questions every month to get fresh information between those main census surveys.

The process confuses some, and that’s when scammers pounce. Charles contacted the 2 News Oklahoma Problem Solvers to warn others about those scams.

“A person came to our door, saying he was with the census bureau,” Charles said. “It caught me by surprise, and I had already given him some of our information before I because suspicious and closed the door.”

The census bureau said he did the right thing by closing the door. The bureau said census schemes are making the rounds more often. The bureau doesn’t want those scams to scare people away…

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