Rebecca Eldridge was on the hunt for a place in Fredericton this summer when she was offered an apartment that was literally too good to be true. 

Eldridge, who was planning to move from St. George to Fredericton with her partner, posted on a Facebook group for home rentals in Fredericton, hoping that she would have luck there in finding a unit.

A Facebook user under the name “Kay Coleman” commented on the post, inviting Eldridge to message her. When Eldridge clicked on the profile, Coleman looked harmless. 

“The picture was of this very sweet, elderly woman,” she said. 

Eldridge went ahead and messaged the woman, sharing her list of requirements. She was looking for a place that would be pet friendly, have ample storage room and include two parking spots. Her budget was $1,000 a month.

Coleman told her she was in luck. 

“I did think it was a little bit odd at first because as soon as I listed everything out, she said…

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