But if you are searching, consider this: Is the job you’re applying for even real?

The FBI is warning job seekers about scammers who post fake job listings and profit from applicants during the process. The bogus job posts appear on popular online job boards, where scammers impersonate legitimate employers looking for potential hires, the FBI said in a recent statement.

Cyber criminals pose as real employers and interview applicants, eventually asking them for their personal information and payments, according to the FBI. Personal information can be used to open new financial accounts or even obtain a fake driver’s license or passport.

“Cyber criminals executing this scam request the same information as legitimate employers, making it difficult to identify a hiring scam until it is too late,” the FBI said in its statement.

In 2020, more than 16,000 people reported being victims of employment scams, totaling over $59 million in…

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