Reader encourages letter writer to ‘love it or leave it’

As I read CJ Stevens’ letter to the editor I came away thinking that any fool who has read the Constitution would understand that he said absolutely nothing in a space that is supposed to be reserved for a lot fewer words than is supposed to be allowed by the PVT. His hatred of Trump jumps right out at you. He is probably from some state back east that thinks if you vote anything but straight Democrat you are wrong. He and his kind know that they are always right and if you don’t believe him just ask him. We are a republic and have been from the beginning.

My question to him is, why do you hate this country and if you do, why don’t you pick up and get your happy posterior out of here. Donald Trump was a breath of fresh air who opened the eyes of this country. It is something that was needed after eight years of pure nonsense that Obama put forth and tried to…

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