UNDERSTANDABLY, the focus of people in the west on the exit from Afghanistan has been on the human catastrophe about to be visited upon those there who want to live in the 21st century and not the seventh century, especially women.

There are other, wider, profound consequences: in the sphere of geopolitics the Afghanistan disaster is America’s Suez moment.

Like the British in 1956, the hegemony that America thought it could exercise and the power it thought it had, have been laid bare in all their limitations for the world to see, and learn from.

This is a seminal moment in world politics. An imperial power has been humbled, and its grip on great regions of the world seriously diminished.

It is something that calls for policy re-assessment by all those western states who previously hitched themselves to the American wagon.

It would be wise for the UK Government to now re-assess its junior-status relationship…

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