Rename anti-vaxxers to reflect denial industry

Let’s stop calling the those behind the misinformation campaigns targeting the reality of COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccines, and vaccines in general “anti-vaxxers.” They are COVID-19/vaccine deniers.

They are people making money off of COVID-19/vaccine disinformation, they are leaders of some form of religious fundamentalism (also making money off their disinformation preaching), and some right-wing politicians.

They spread doubt, disinformation and conspiracy theories to the gullible and uneducated (or those who think that education comes from random webpages) for profit and political gain. They use the same tactics used by other disinformation industries, from those linking tobacco and cancer to those linking human activities to climate change.

Like those in the tobacco and cancer and climate change denial industries, they are backed by major industries (the tobacco industry…

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