Published: 8/7/2021 7:00:11 AM

I never expected to see Washington-style “swamp politics” come to New Hampshire. Gov. Sununu’s Republican budget does just that. Hidden among corporate giveaways and insider deals is the ultimate cherry for well-connected Granite Staters: reimbursements for the 2010 FRM Ponzi scheme. All told, $10 million in public money that could be used to fund our schools, fix our roads or provide much-needed property tax relief instead will pay back wealthy and well-connected people who made a bad investment.

State Rep. Harry Bean from Gilford, whose family lost millions of dollars in the scam, stands to benefit from the public largesse. Bean even voted for the bill that included the FRM bailout rather than recusing himself. What FRM’s founders did was a crime, and the architect of the scheme is in prison, where he belongs. What happened to its victims is tragic, and…

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