Lenoir County’s housing market as of April continues to be hot with the seller still in the driver’s seat with exceptionally low inventory, increasing costs of building materials, the higher average asking and selling prices.

The real estate boom in Kinston took a long time to recover over from the 2008 market bust than larger cities in N.C., according to a top Kinston real estate professional.

Jess Edwards owner of Kinston Realty Group since 2015 and a realtor with around 14 years of experience offered his perspective on the current market.

“We have a wide range of home prices from less than $100,000 to over $600,000, with the 2020 average being $132,250 and the April 2021 average being $154,000 (an increase of 15.19%). The real estate market took a downward turn across the country in 2008, and we have been slower to recover than larger cities like Raleigh and Greenville, but we have seen home prices increase steadily over the…

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