The day after Senate Democrats passed their “big, bold” $3.5 trillion budget blueprint, Vice President Kamala Harris convened business leaders on Thursday to build corporate support for one of the plan’s pillars: child care.

“Affordable child care, we know, relates to both a business’s ability to recruit talent and retain talent,” Ms. Harris told a group of business leaders in her ceremonial office.

Attendees included Mark Breitbard, chief executive of the Global Gap Brand; Jenna Johnson, the president of Patagonia; Josh Silverman, the chief executive of Etsy; Alison Whritenour, the chief executive of Seventh Generation; and Hami Ulukaya, the chief executive of the yogurt brand Chobani, among others.

“We know that it directly impacts worker productivity and the bottom lines of your businesses,” Ms. Harris said.

The budget, which aims to transform social policy in the United States, is still far from official, and the…

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