JOPLIN, Mo. — A retirement community is turning to new technology to fight coronavirus.

Dan Shields, Executive Director, said, “We felt like it was a good way to best protect our residents by having some of the latest technology.”

The Wildwood Senior Living Community of Joplin has three new pieces of technology to keep the facility safe. They recently added a thermographic heat sensing camera for visitors. It can check a person’s temperature detect if someone is wearing a mask and give them a covid screening.

Brian Nikodim, Director of Technology, said, “It asks for their name, purpose of the visit, if they’ve experienced any of the covid related symptoms, fever. Then it asks if they’ve been fully vaccinated.That helps us determine if the person can enter the building safely or if we need to add secondary or extra ppe precautions applied to them.”

If anyone is flagged — they will provide guests…

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