Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, October 12: It is pertinent to mention here that a well knitted nexus is working in Housing Board, which is adopting pick & choose in deciding issues for the reasons best known to them.

In a shocking episode, so called committee constituted for deciding the issues for transfer of plots in a case of 34 AB at Gadhinagar, which was allotted in way back in  1970’s, 60×90 size for which due possession was handed over by the Engineering staff & entrys were made in HB’s record as per their approved site plan showing by roads/side lanes/drains, electricity poles etc & colony was developed by Housing Board by leaving roads etc of requisitte size in a rows.

Now, a big question had raised on the so called committee of same collector, Engineers & others, who around one to two years back transferred a big strip to one at Gandhinagar(Green belt) without charging any excess fee, which would have…

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