Dr. Ziv Yekutieli

Mon4t’s app is already FDA-approved for patients with motor and cognitive impairments, and now the company is moving into the psychiatric domain.

Millions of mental health sufferers struggle with the impression that no one else knows exactly how they feel. A new Israeli partnership with a Detroit connection seeks to change things.

Ziv Yekutieli, Ph.D., studied both electrical engineering and medicine at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and Tel Aviv University and worked at Intel, where he was hoping he could develop chips to be implanted in the brains of disabled people and stroke survivors. Once he had realized that was not the case, he and his friend Dima Gershman left the company and founded Montfort (Mon4t) in 2017.

Talking to doctors, Yekutieli realized that they did not need new technology, but ways to use existing technology more efficiently.

“The patient…

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