Islamist terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) released a video Saturday of its affiliates killing an elderly Coptic Christian man they had kidnapped in November 2020.

In the video shared first on Telegram, according to Albawaba, ISIS affiliates are shown shooting 62-year-old Nabil Habashy Salama point-blank in the head. Two other individuals were also shown being executed.

The 13-minute video opens with Habashy saying that the ISIS-affiliated Sinai Province has held him captive for more than three months, Egypt Today reported. (RELATED: Museum Opens In Egypt To Honor 21 Christians Killed By ISIS In Gruesome 2015 Video)

He then says that he helped build the Church of the Virgin Mary in Bir El-Abd, located in Northern Sinai, according to Egyptian Streets. Habashy is also made to say that the Coptic Church collaborates with the Egyptian military and intelligence in combatting the terrorist outfit.

The video then transitions into footage showing Habashy, hands-tied, kneeling in front of three rifle-wielding terrorists whose faces were blurred out.

#ISIS executes an Egyptian Christian hostage it captured in #Egypt 3 month ago. Nabil Habashy was the founder of a church in Deer El Abed in #Sinai and was executed in retaliation for the cooperation between the #Coptic church and the #Egyptian army as the thugs called it.

— مايكل منير (ن) (@MichaelMeunier) April 18, 2021

The militant who eventually executes Habashy says in a message addressed to “all crusaders in the world,” that “[a]s you kill, you will be killed, and as you capture, you will be captured,” according to Egypt Today.

He warns Egypt’s Christians that “this is the price you are paying for supporting the Egyptian army,” according to Albawaba. The militant further threatens Egypt’s Coptic Christians, saying that working with Egyptian counterterrorism forces “will not get you anywhere.”

He then warns the Egyptian military over a “long bill” the group believes it has to pay, saying that they are ready to go to war against the Egyptian Armed Forces, especially in the Sinai


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