Carbon Robotics’ Autonomous Weeder uses artificial intelligence to identify and zap weeds growing in fields of vegetables. (Carbon Robotics Photo)

Carbon Robotics, a Seattle company led by Isilon Systems co-founder Paul Mikesell, is unveiling its self-driving robot that uses artificial intelligence to identify weeds growing in fields of vegetables, then zaps them with precision thermal bursts from lasers.

The startup, previously known as Maka Autonomous Robots, was in stealth mode since 2018. Mikesell sold Isilon for $2.25 billion in 2010, helped Uber open its Seattle engineering office in 2015, then moved to Facebook’s Seattle Oculus lab before taking the startup plunge again.

Carbon’s tech holds the promise of reducing the cost of growing organic vegetables so that they no longer cost a whole paycheck.

Paul Mikesell (LinkedIn Photo)

“We have all of this technology that allows, for the first time,…

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