Invitation Homes CEO Dallas Tanner told CNBC on Friday the U.S. housing market remains “healthy,” downplaying concerns that the sharp rise in prices during the Covid pandemic is creating bubble-like conditions

In an interview on “Squawk on the Street,” Tanner said the supply-and-demand dynamics that have contributed to the feverish market conditions are unlikely to “change dramatically overnight.”

That fact, combined with tighter mortgage lending standards instituted after the 2008 crash, lead Tanner to believe the housing market is in solid shape. As a result, he said, he’s not concerned about acquiring new properties for his Texas-based company, which rents single-family homes,

“I would expect that home prices stay relatively stable, if not continue to grow in value for the homeowners in the country, but we’ll find our ways to pick our spots whether through our partnerships with builders or our ability to buy one-off,” Tanner…

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