NEW YORK — NotCo is looking to the United States to grow its plant-based empire.

The Chilean startup last year introduced NotMilk to American consumers. The dairy-free milk alternative features nontraditional ingredients like cabbage and pineapple juice, plus pea protein, chicory root fiber, coconut oil and sunflower oil. The formulation was created by NotCo’s artificial intelligence technology, which discovered the combination of cabbage and pineapple juice creates lactones, the aromatic compounds that give milk its unique taste.

NotMilk is closer to dairy milk than other alternatives, which often rely on a single food profile like oats or almonds, said Matias Muchnick, founder and chief executive officer.

“It’s about a new generation of plant-based products,” he said. “Our algorithm is bringing new combinations of ingredients that we never thought of to generate certain textures, smells, colors and aromas.”

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