Illustration: Tang Tengfei/GT

The power shift in Afghanistan and its impact on India’s geopolitics have triggered widespread attention in India. 

Some voices are very negative. For example, New Delhi-based the Print on August 26 published an article entitled “India backed the wrong horse in Afghanistan, and has gone into a strategic sulk now.” Happymon Jacob, associate professor at New Delhi-based Jawaharlal Nehru University, was quoted by Al Jazeera on Sunday saying that “I think India seems to be out of the game in Afghanistan.” Some analysts anticipate that India’s $3 billion investments in Afghanistan are going down the drain.

India has long been hostile to the Taliban. And the Taliban has attacked Indian targets during the past two decades. As a result, India had ramped up efforts to coordinate with the US-backed Kabul government. This resulted in a vicious circle and deeper animosity between India and the Taliban.

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