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It seems like the perfect time to sell a house.

If you own one that is in good condition, or perhaps even less than good condition, you can list it on a Thursday and likely have multiple offers by Sunday. At that point, your choice might come down to which desperate buyer did the most groveling. Who bid the highest number above asking price? Who’s paying all cash? Who’s willing to waive their inspection? Who’s going to name their child after you? These are real factors in offers — even the last one.

It has never been easier for American homeowners to turn their properties into quick, easy windfalls. Except for just one thing: If you want to cash out, but don’t want to rent your next home, then you’re also going to have to become a groveling buyer.

Real estate is on fire in Indianapolis, with homes are selling within hours or a day. Here a home is for sale in Indianapolis on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

That is why this housing market is making everyone miserable — including, in many cases, the people who stand to benefit…

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