The recent developments in Afghanistan have rattled the experts. Yet, they are having a field day. Those who could not foresee the sudden victory of the Taliban until the last day have overnight become experts to predict what will happen to the hapless country.  

Whatever happens to world politics, the tribe, which lives on conflicts, continues to thrive. Let me not go into the cliché about the military-industrial complex and talk about its inherent material interest in a conflict-ridden International system, a subject which is already over-researched.

What we tend to ignore is that behind the lofty theories of international relations is our simple common sense. But lest we forget, remember the golden maxim: common sense is the most uncommon thing in the world. Take the following test, and you will find the logic in this iconoclasm.

One. If America is a known international bully, which did not have any business to be in…

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