Only 18 people showed up. It’s been like that for weeks. At one point, Grabryan laid his head back on the van’s cushy seat, shaking it side to side. “I’ve been out to the funeral home for more visitations this year than I have before,” he said. “There’s no one in this area that doesn’t know someone who was affected by it.”

Grabryan can’t understand what’s holding people back. But then again, maybe he can.

The amount of misinformation and disinformation propagated on Facebook is enormous, he said, and it’s convincing people everywhere in the county that the vaccine is a government plot or unsafe for use.

“Until it starts hitting here really bad again, these people aren’t going to get the shot,” Melton added.

Covid-19 is ever present in northern Alabama these days, as the Delta variant wraps its arms around the population, weaving in and out of homes, schools and churches. But locals rarely discuss the…

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