Before the pandemic, I was not in a great financial situation as I was one of the thousands of people here who lost their money in the Exential Group foreign exchange Ponzi scheme at the beginning of 2020. The worst part of it was that I took out a personal loan to invest the money in the scheme.

While I was on maternity leave without pay, I had to top up this loan. I was unable to go back to work on time because of the pandemic, so we used the top up amount for daily living expenses, paid the rent and the expenses that come with having a newborn as my husband left us when my baby was five months old.

Fortunately, I am now back to work. However, I had to restructure my loan just before I resumed working because I could no longer afford to pay the monthly instalments. The bank extended the loan tenure to five years.

In eight months’ time, I will have to…

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