Dear Anon,

My heart sank when I read your story. You have been scammed by the most ruthless and loathsome type of crook. Someone who exploits the trust of a person who is looking for friendship or love through a dating service has got to be the lowest of the low. It makes my blood boil that he (or possibly she or they, as you have no way of knowing whether it is an individual or gang behind this scam) not only stole all your savings but urged you to take out a bank loan to squeeze yet more money out of you.

You believed that the details you saw on Facebook Dating, of a handsome 32-year-old from Orpington in south London, were genuine. His profile stated that, like you, he enjoyed sport and claimed his favourite food was “cola chicken wraps”. The words he used to best describe himself were “exercise, health, sunshine”. He should have added his occupation of “greedy exploiter of innocent people”.

You trusted this would-be…

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