The Cirrus Vision Jet is the flagship of VeriJet, one of America’s newest charter airlines offering affordable air taxi-like service using efficient jet aircraft. VeriJet’s Cirrus Vision Jet.

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It’s designed to be a “personal private jet,” flown by a single pilot that wants all the perks of a jet but not the high operating costs.

But its low costs also make it ideal for charter operations. VeriJet only charges a $3,000 hourly rate, well below the retail rate for larger aircraft. VeriJet’s Cirrus Vision Jet.

Driving down costs is the fact that the jet only has one engine instead of two. But even with one engine, the Vision Jet can fly distances of around 1,300 nautical miles at speeds of over 300 knots. VeriJet’s Cirrus Vision Jet.

Source: Cirrus Aircraft Company

I took a ride in VeriJet’s Vision Jet to see just how well this personal private jet was worth the price of a private charter. Here’s what it was like. A VeriJet Cirrus Vision Jet.

In VeriJet’s configuration, the Vision Jet can seat four adults and two children. Its cabin resembles that of a luxury car more so than it does a traditional private jet. A VeriJet Cirrus Vision Jet.

The design is utilitarian but the seats are comfortable leather and the curved shape of the fuselage allows for more headspace. VeriJet’s Cirrus Vision Jet.

The benefit of flying with only one pilot is that the co-pilot seat becomes a passenger seat. VeriJet’s Cirrus Vision Jet.

If a trip requires two pilots, the aircraft’s capacity down to three adults. Around 30% of trips have passengers that prefer to fly with two pilots as


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