Alaska Airlines became the fourth US airline to fly the Boeing 737 Max when it took delivery of its long-delayed first model in January. An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max.

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Boeing’s troubled narrow-body was supposed to arrive at the airline in 2019 but the March 2019 crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 and the subsequent grounding of Max aircraft worldwide changed that. An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max.

Following the ungrounding in November 2020, Alaska quickly took delivery of its first model and began a flight testing campaign that spanned around 50 hours and 19,000 miles. And on March 1, Alaska finally began passenger flights with the aircraft. Flying on Alaska Airlines during the pandemic

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Just over one month following the aircraft’s arrival at Alaska, however, Boeing recommended that all four of the airline’s models be grounded for an electrical issue. “The recommendation is being made to allow for verification that a sufficient ground path exists for a component of the electrical power system,” Boeing said in a statement, with no timeline for the fix. Boeing 737 Max aircraft of Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Gol Linhas Aéreas.

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The Max is Alaska’s future with Boeing landing a frim deal for 68 aircraft to be bought and leased by the airline, with options for 52 more. An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max.

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