If no additional single-family homes were listed for sale in the Hudson Valley Catskill Region Multiple Listing Service, the available home inventory — just 275 units — would sell out in just about 5 weeks in Ulster County. Tim Sweeney, president of this region’s multiple listing service, said he’s never seen inventory that low.

“If a listing comes on, and it’s priced properly, you have multiple offers within two days,” he said. “We have some crazy bidding wars. It’s very reminiscent of right after 9/11. The average sale price then was $168,000 and then six years later it was $303,000 – all due to an exodus from New York City.”

Except this time it’s slightly different. Instead of a market driven by buyers seeking second homes in the region, “a lot of people are here to stay now,” Sweeney said, especially considering the future of remote work.

Due to the pandemic, many…

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