From how 9/11 informed HR’s response to COVID-19 to AI’s role in stopping the Great Resignation, here are this week’s tech stories.  

‘The ultimate HR act:’ These lessons from 9/11 remain relevant today: Two decades later, HR leaders are dealing with a different, more disruptive crisis but one that is also testing what it means to address employee needs. This time around, technology is playing an even greater role in the response. Read more

How this HR leader rolled out a new HCM tool amid a pandemic and a merger: In this HR Tech Q&A, Optimizely’s chief people officer, Laura Thiele, discusses what keeps her up at night, her HR tech wishlist and how to build corporate culture when workers are remote. Read more.

Can AI help reverse the Great Resignation?: HR leaders report mixed experiences using artificial intelligence to measure…

Read more…


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