How intense is the battle between the states for business and jobs?

Even a global pandemic, a wrenching economic downturn, and a year of social upheaval could not slow it down. If anything, the competition has grown. And it has taken on multiple new dimensions, from the rise of remote work to a new corporate consciousness.

As the recovery gains steam, America’s Top States for Business is back to determine which states are best positioned to prevail.

Our formula for rating the states, which we have used since 2007, is designed to adapt to changing realities — even the seismic changes of the past year.

We start with 10 broad categories of competitiveness. States can earn a maximum of 2,500 points across our 10 categories. The states with the most points are America’s Top States for Business.

We assign a weight to each category based on how hard the states are pushing it in their economic development marketing. We determine that by…

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