Buying tickets secondhand can lead to paying too much or even getting fake tickets instead of those amazing seats you were promised for cheap. NBC10 Boston’s Leslie Gaydos and Rob Michaelson have tips on how to find the right places to buy used tickets.

How to Avoid a Shady Ticket Reseller

Rob: You know, plans are always changing, Leslie, and I may not know of a band I really like is going to be in town and I may want to get a ticket last minute. And that’s where ticket resellers come into play. But I hear are some kind of shady business that happens with a lot of these ticket resellers. How can I avoid that?

Leslie: First and foremost, when you are purchasing a ticket, you can’t be so fast to do that that you’re not doing your research as to where you are buying that ticket. Google, the name of that ticket website with the word scam or look for the complaint. See what pops up on the internet. See if other people…

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