Right now, there is no one official way to keep a copy of your vaccination card on your smartphone, but there are several methods to keep it easily accessible in digital form.

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Snapping a photo is the easiest, but scanning it is a bit better.

On the iPhone, use the Notes app to create a new note. Then, hit the camera icon above the keyboard and choose the option for Scan Documents.

Once you’re finished scanning the front and back, swipe left to right on the note. This will reveal a way to “pin” it to the top of your list of notes for easy access later.

On Android, find the Drive app. It should be preinstalled on your phone. Long press the app icon to reveal a shortcut for “Scan.”

Once you’re finished scanning your card, tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the note to reveal some options. Tap “Make Available…

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