Cryptocurrencies have matured over the past decade so that both experienced and inexperienced traders continue actively joining the crypto world.Luckily, a handful of them made great fortunes, while others lost millions to crypto scams. As of 2017, crypto scams became rampant, which led social media giants like Facebook and Google to ban crypto advertisements on their platforms.

For the experienced folks, skillfully maneuvering atop the crypto wave will not be an uphill task. However, the inexperienced ones have a lot to worry about as they glide through the rising tide. The first tide began in 2009, with the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It had a significant impact on the industry on the whole.

The emergence of Bitcoin gave birth to altcoins as many projects began developing and issuing their own cryptocurrencies. Without a doubt, the journey has been a rollercoaster ride, with a slew of investors who rushed in…

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