How to Improve Your VPN’s Infrastructure

The obvious way to handle greater VPN use is to increase the capacity of the VPN infrastructure itself. There are several ways to do this (and some can be used simultaneously).

  • Increase network bandwidth for the VPN servers. This usually means ensuring that the path between the internet and each VPN server has enough bandwidth. But in some cases, there may also be a need to increase the bandwidth between the VPN servers and the business resources being accessed through the VPN.
  • Deploy additional VPN servers. This not only adds sheer capacity, but also can improve VPN availability, especially if the servers are deployed to multiple locations. By implementing load balancing, a business will create a more flexible and resilient VPN infrastructure, one that can transparently send users to the server best able at the time to meet their needs.
  • Be proactive with VPN server management and security.

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