One of the occupational hazards of running a one-person business is working all the time. 

It’s not just crises like the COVID-19 pandemic that can trigger overwork. Sometimes, the joy of growing a business can become a trap. 

“If you tend to be really passionate about your business, you may tend to become a workaholic. You will naturally end up expanding your day to its limit,” says Michael Peluso, founder of the True Living coaching program for entrepreneurs and Joinocity, a marketing and sales technology platform. 

So how do you put the brakes on, when there’s no boss to help? Peluso, who advises entrepreneurs in his coaching practice, recommends these strategies. 

Ask yourself one questionAm I exhausted? If you are feeling tired and run down, consider it an opportunity to make some changes in your lifestyle.

“Balance is a funny thing,” says Peluso. “You realize you’re out of balance because…

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