It’s one thing to come up with a $1 billion business idea. It’s quite another to come up with a string of them.

But for entrepreneur Aaron Tan, it was fundamental. If he was going to start a business, it had to have room to grow.

That’s a strategy instilled in him in his early career, the 36-year-old co-founder and CEO of autos marketplace Carro, told CNBC Make It.

The opportunity that I saw was the neighbourhood.

Aaron Tan

co-founder and CEO, Carro

As a former venture capitalist who spent his twenties investing in start-ups across the U.S. and Southeast Asia, Tan learned early on to evaluate businesses based not only on their current model but also on their ability to scale.

So when he saw momentum growing in the autos industry in the mid-2010s, he saw huge potential.

At that time, ride-hailing was taking off in the U.S., and so were auto trading platforms and sophisticated financial services around car ownership. Yet in Tan’s native…

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