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You could call Sahil Mehta an overachiever.

At just 25, he works full-time as an executive assistant for a real estate agent at Golden Gate Sotheby’s in Berkeley, California, helping manage and close sales. And in his free time, he operates a small management company with his older brother, Suyash, 30. They own five properties worth $9.4 million around Berkeley, four of which they rent to college students and families and one of which they operate as an Airbnb.

The commissions he earns at his day job coupled with rental income net him, conservatively, around $515,000 per year: around $350,000 from Sotheby’s and the rest from rental income and Airbnb. Depending on how many houses he helps sell and his Airbnb income, which fluctuates, he could earn even more.

Sahil Mehta, 25, is a real estate investor

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