Around a year and a half ago, our economy experienced its greatest upheaval in more than a generation. No child’s education can be put on pause, and learning cannot be furloughed, so schools, colleges and universities had to move mountains to ensure learning went on as safely – and as unhindered – as possible.

This was no mean feat, and even now, with around half of the UK fully vaccinated, entire year groups are still having to isolate when new COVID-19 cases are detected. The future of the sector remains uncertain. While the priority will undoubtedly be to get children back in schools and students back on campuses, the pandemic has prompted the industry to be prepared for any eventuality.

Like businesses, educational establishments are working hard to ensure that, if required, they can switch to distance learning at short notice so that education is never interrupted like it was in 2020. But even with virtual classrooms…

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