In a world where we’re told to fake it until we make it, where does the hustle stop and the con begin? That’s one of the main questions interrogated in HBO Max’s “Generation Hustle,” a new, 10-episode series about the con artists, scammers and schemers who walk among us. 

Some of the stories will be familiar to viewers, like the rise and fall of the coworking concept WeWork, which just got its own Hulu documentary earlier this month. However, many of the stories are fresh and truly surprising; they take place everywhere from a University of Georgia frat house, to a Jakarta photoshoot, to an EDM nightclub. 

Co-creator Yom Motskin and showrunner Angie Day spoke with Salon about getting scammed by one of their own subjects, what they think all con artists have in common and the possibility of continuing the series for more seasons. 

Some of these stories I was somewhat familiar with — like the WeWork and Anna Delvey…

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