Workers are expected to come back in full force in the next few months as Covid-19 restrictions lift across Arizona, and many employers are configuring just how to bring everyone back to the office — or not. 

One of Arizona’s leading real estate attorneys, Jay Kramer of Fennemore Craig, spoke to Chamber Business News about what to expect as well as advice for employers on how to move forward. 

The first challenge will be motivating employees to come back to job sites, Kramer said.  

Jay Kramer

“People haven’t been in the office for awhile and in Phoenix, you can have a 40-minute to one-hour round-trip commute,” said Kramer, a partner with Fennemore, headquartered in Phoenix. “If they come back to the office and just go into a cubicle or close the door of their office, that may not be a reason to come back. So, we’ve got to make it more enjoyable, more of a communal…

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