• The IPCC states that the world needs to curb its carbon emissions by up to 58% in 2030 to not overshoot global temperature rise of 1.5C.
  • China, USA, India, EU27 and the UK account for two thirds of emissions.
  • China now emits around twice as much as the US, the next largest emitter, write three International Renewable Energy Agency experts.
  • If China does not reduce emissions before 2030, it will be very challenging for the world to stay within the 1.5C envelope.
  • Decoupling GDP growth from emissions growth will be an important component of a decarbonisation strategy for China and the world.

Beijing suffered some of the worst sandstorms in a decade in March, caused by a combination of drought, low snow covers and high temperatures, another demonstration of the effects that climate change is already having and its potential to severely impact lives and livelihoods.


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