A woman poses in Anatomie apparel.

Anatomie, the upscale casualwear brand, is looking to make a name for itself in the crowded athleisure category with clothing its CEO Kate Boyer describes as “Prada meets Lululemon.”

Founded in 2006, Anatomie – originally called Jet Set Style – has long marketed itself as “luxury wrinkle-free travel clothing” that is “made to fly.” However, when the pandemic hit and effectively put global travel on the fritz, the company was able to show off its versatility as an everyday casualwear brand.

The brand successfully appropriated its structured pants and tailored jackets designed for maximum comfort on an airplane for laying around the house, allowing Anatomie to get in front of new audiences while at the same time cashing in on the $113 billion athleisure market.

“Anatomie definitely has a huge connection with travel, but when travel ceased during COVID, we discovered to our benefit a world of just wearing it casually at home or at work,” Anatomie chief operating officer Thomas Dietrich told Insider.

Now, with travelers itching to get back on planes – many of which are newly vaccinated – the company is preparing itself for a lucrative 2021.

Casting a wide customer net

Anatomie is best-known for its pants, and makes roughly 70% of its sales through online channels. The remaining 30% derives from specialty stores and luxury retailers like Nieman Marcus. These bottoms include leggings and stretch denim ranging in price from $88 to $288, with a core demographic of “affluent, sophisticated, stylish” women aged 40 to 65, Boyer said.

In addition to its popular pants, Anatomie also sells tops, dresses, and jackets, all designed to be both comfortable and stylish – with a focus on taking the working woman straight from the plane to a business dinner or family engagement. However, Boyer said the pandemic ultimately served to introduce Anatomie to more women, as they sought out comfortable outfits while sequestered at home.

“It was really an


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