Big Tech just found out how many allies it has in the Senate for the industry’s fight against antitrust enforcement, and it wasn’t so encouraging for the likes of Amazon and others. 

Not only did the Senate vote Tuesday to confirm Lina Khan, an established critic of tech companies’ market power, to a seat on the Federal Trade Commission, which shares federal enforcement of antitrust law with the Department of Justice, but the vote, 69-28, also wasn’t close.

Khan, 32, a law professor, picked up support from 21 Republicans who joined an emerging bipartisan coalition that favors more aggressive action against Big Tech. 

It was another warning sign that Silicon Valley’s political allies may be dwindling even at a time of deep partisan divisions in Washington — at least when the issue is how big tech companies have become. 

“There’s more agreement on competition,” said Justin Brookman, a former FTC policy director who’s now director of…

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