With stagnant home prices and lackluster sales, will the housing market cool off? Home supply may still limit buyers, but low interest rates make it a good time to buy. (iStock)

The housing market typically heats up when warm weather rolls around in spring and summer, but the past year has taught us that nothing is “typical” in real estate.

Spring 2021 is already defying seasonal trends with a slight drop in home sales and a big drop in inventory, according to a report from the real estate company RE/MAX. Between 2015 and 2019, home sales were up from April to May by 53.4% on average. In 2021, home sales actually declined by 0.2% during this time period.

Just like home sales tend to ramp up around springtime, median sale prices typically increase by 3.2%, as well. This year, though, home prices stayed the same for both months at around $320,000. The number of listed homes also decreased by 7.1% at a time when new construction…

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